Two Math Professors Were In A Bar: PROF1: You Know, Every Year, The Students In My Calculus 100 Class Are Getting Dumber And Dumber.

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Two math professors were in a bar:
PROF1: You know, every year, the students in my Calculus
100 class are getting dumber and dumber. It's
getting so that I can't even teach a lecture
without reviewing high school algebra.
PROF2: That's because you're an intellectual snob. I've
noticed the opposite. The students in my classes
are much more intelligent than when I started
teaching a decade ago.
PROF1: Hah! You must be joking. Listen, I've got to go
to the washroom, so we'll continue this discussion
later [gets up, goes to washroom]
PROF2: [Signals waitress to come over] Can you do me a favor?
WAITRESS: Depends on the favor.
PROF1: My friend is coming back from the washroom, and he'll
ask you a question. All you have to say is one-third
X cubed.
WAITRESS: One-third what?!
PROF1: One-third X cubed. Never mind what it mean, just say
One-third X cubed, OK?
WAITRESS: OK. [goes away]
PROF2: [returns] What were we talking about - oh yeah, people
are getting stupider and the days go by. I think it's
television or something that's doing this.
PROF1: That's simply not true. I'll bet you that that waitress
could answer one of your calculus exam questions.
PROF2: No way. You must be daft!
PROF1: Ten bucks says that she'll know what the integral of
X squared is.
PROF2: You're on! [mentions waitress over] Would you know
the integral of X squared is?
WAITRESS: One-third X cubed.
PROF2: [flabbergasted]
PROF1: See!
WAITRESS: ... plus a constant.