I Won!!! I Just Wanted Everyone To Know That I Have Initiated A Class Action Lawsuit Against The State Of California.

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I Won!!!
I just wanted everyone to know that I have initiated a class action lawsuit
against the State of California.
I wanted you to hear it from me before you read about it in the LA Times.
In summary, two weeks ago I bought a California Lotto ticket at LAX airport
during a FedEx layover. After reviewing my picks last night, I noticed that
I punched the wrong numbers ( i.e., 13, 18, 26, 39, 66 and 73); it was truly
an honest mistake. The numbers I actually meant to punch were 27, 53, 62,
75, 83 and 97.
Coincidentally, the numbers I meant to pick actually won last weeks Lotto;
accordingly, I believe I should be awarded the 86 million dollar Lotto prize
(there was no winner). I think all of you who have played Lotto games in the
past have made similar mistakes and you therefore understand my situation.
I have also filed a lawsuit against the State of Connecticut.
After thinking about my SAT scores, I feel there is a chance that I may have
punched the wrong answers on several questions when I took the exam forty
years ago. If I had been treated fairly, I might have grown up to be a Bill
Gates. . . or even a Bill Clinton.
The SAT questions were, at times, very misleading and the exam score card
was quite confusing.
Thanks for your understanding on this serious matter. And please feel free
to join in on the lawsuit.
Warm regards,
California's newest Millionaire