Many ALMOST Useful Facts: ** Debra Winger Was The Voice Of E.

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Many ALMOST Useful Facts:
** Debra Winger was the voice of E.T.
** Pearls melt in vinegar
** It takes 3,000 cows to supply the NFL with enough leather for a year's
supply of footballs.
** Thirty-Five percent of the people who use personal ads for dating are
already married.
** The 3 most valuable brand names on earth: MARLBORO, COCA-COLA, and
BUDWEISER, in that order.
** It's possible to lead a cow upstairs. . .but not downstairs.
** Humans are the only primates that don't have pigment in the palms of
their hands.
** Ten percent of the Russian government's income comes from the sale of
** The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is
** Stewardesses' is the longest word that is typed with only the left hand.
** No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver, and
** "I am" is the shortest complete sentence in the English language.
** Average life span of a major league baseball: 7 pitches.
** A duck's quack doesn't echo, and no one knows why.
** The reason firehouses have circular stairways is from the days of yore
when the engines were pulled by horses. The horses were stabled on the
ground floor and figured out how to walk up straight staircases.
** The airplane Buddy Holly died in was the "American Pie." (thus the name
of the Don McLean song)
** Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from
Spades - King David
Clubs - Alexander the Great
Hearts - Charlemagne
Diamonds - Julius Caesar
** 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321
** Clans of long ago that wanted to get rid of their unwanted people without
killing them used to burn their houses down - hence the expression "To get
** Only two people signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, John
Hancock and Charles Thomson. Most of the rest signed on August 2, but the
last signature wasn't added until 5 years later.
** Hershey's Kisses are called that because the machine that makes them
looks like its kissing the conveyor belt.
** An Ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.
** The longest recorded flight of a chicken is thirteen seconds.
** The name Jeep came from the abbreviation used in the army for the
"General Purpose" vehicle, G.P.
** The highest point in Pennsylvania is lower than the lowest point in
** Nutmeg is extremely poisonous if injected intravenously.
** If you have three quarters, four dimes, and four pennies, you have $1.19.
You also have the largest amount of money in coins without being able to
make change for a dollar.
** No NFL team which play its home games in a domed stadium has ever won a
** The only two days of the year in which there are no professional sports
games (MLB, NBA, NHL, or NFL) are the day before and the day after the Major
League All-Star Game.
** The mask use by Michael Myers in the original "Halloween" movie was
actually a Captain Kirk mask painted white.
** If you put a raisin in a glass of champagne, it will keep floating to the
top and sinking to the bottom.
** Snails can sleep for 3 years without eating.
** Actor Tommy Lee Jones and vice-president AL Gore were freshman roommates
at Harvard.
** The fingerprints of Koala Bears are virtually indistinguishable from
those of humans, so much so that they could be confused at a crime scene.
** Months that begin on a Sunday will always have a "Friday the 13th."
** James Doohan, who plays Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott (Scotty) on Star
Trek, is missing the entire middle finger on his right hand (lost it on
** The Eisenhower interstate system requires that one mile in every five
must be straight. These straight sections are usable as airstrips in times
of war or other emergencies.
** There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar.