It's A Holiday And The Over-60 Club Of A Small North Of England Town Are Boarding A Coach For A Trip To The Seaside At Whitby.

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It's a holiday and the Over-60 club of a small North of England town are
boarding a coach for a trip to the seaside at Whitby. (How Nice!)
As the last aged gentleman is walking along the aisle of the bus to his
seat, the vehicle lurches into motion, causing him to stumble and land in
the lap of a nearby old lady. During the chaos, his elbow pokes the old
woman in the left breast. Regaining his feet, the old man says

"I'm terribly sorry about that, but if your heart is as soft as
your breast, I'm sure I'll see you in Heaven!!"

To which the old lady replies

"...and if your dick is as hard as your elbow, I'll see you in