Once Upon A Time There Was This Beautiful Woman Who Was Going To Be Married To This Handsome Very Rich Nobleman.

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Once upon a time there was this beautiful woman who was going to
be married to this handsome very rich nobleman. So they get married
and she moves into his big castle, compared to which Camelot is
but a pigsty: hundreds of rooms it has got, over a hundred servants
and an enormous garden extending in woods in which one could easily
get lost forever, still not having left the property.
The nobleman and his wife are having a real good time at the estate,
there's fine weather, everyone's nice, business is going well.
Indeed business is ok: the nobleman has to be abroad a lot, so the
woman decides to explore the enormous castle. Strange rooms she
discovers, with lots of antiquities revealing the glorious past of
the castle; now she's to be found at the attics, then again she's
traversing the cellars, and after a few months she's almost completed
her exploration - to find what appears to be some secret room...
Its door is securely locked, and no matter where she looks: the key
is not to be found. So immediately after her husband returns from one
of his voyages, she tells him how she has explored every part of the
castle, save that little room. Just when she wants to ask if he knows
where the key might be, he gravely responds that she's not to go into
that very room lest a great danger befall her... No matter how she
begs, he won't tell her what's to be found in that malefic room...
Years go by and she's put the whole question aside, but then again
the eagerness to know is becoming unbearable... Finally she's made up
her mind to search once again for the key... Patiently she waits for
him to go on his next voyage, and immediately after he's left she
goes to the Dark Room. She's searched for the key for hours until
suddenly: behold, it was hidden behind a secret panel! A hollow sound
revealed it, when she was tapping the wood. With shaking hands she
takes the key and puts it into the lock. She turns the key once...,
twice..., thrice and click, the lock is open... The door opens creakily.
She's looking into a hostile dark nothingness. Did she hear something?
Trembling she goes inside..., step by step..., until suddenly:


You know what happened?
Well, neither do I, but I'll let you know when I've found out.