Paddy Heard That A Fortune Could Be Made By Working As A Lumberjack In Canada.

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Paddy heard that a fortune could be made by working as a lumberjack in
Canada. So, off he goes. After some weeks, he arrives at a lumberjack-camp
and asks the foreman for a job.
Foreman: "Okay sonny, but you'll have to do a test first. If you can
chop down 100 trees tomorrow you're hired".
So, next day, Paddy gets his chainsaw and happily saws away all day.
When trees are counted Paddy only has 98.....
"Oh well" says the foreman, "You'll get another chance tomorrow."
So, next day, same story, 99 trees.
"I don't believe this" says the foreman, "A big strong fella like
yourself should be able to cut down 200 trees in a day. You know what?
You get one more chance, and I'll join you to show you the trick of it".
So, next day, Paddy and the foreman go into the forest. Upon arrival
at a nice open spot the foreman puts the chainsaw on the ground,
and starts the engine.
Says Paddy: "Holy Jezus! Where's the noise coming from?"