There Is A Man In A Casino Gambling With Lots Of "borrowed" Money And A Fairy Comes And Sits On His Shoulder.

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There is a man in a casino gambling with lots of "borrowed" money and a
fairy comes and sits on his shoulder. He's playing pontoon and gets dealt a
seven. The fairy advises him to buy a card for 500 pounds. Naturally he doesn't
trust the fairy, but he decides to buy one anyway. He gets a five giving him
twelve. The fairy then advises him to buy another card for 500 pounds. This
time he does and gets a three. "Buy another for 500 pounds," says the fairy.
This time he gets a five so he's got twenty with four cards. The fairy tells
him to buy another for 500 pounds. He thinks to himself that the fairy's been
right so far, so he complies. He gets dealt an ace. The fairy falls off his
shoulder crying, "You lucky bastard!"