Yrneh Etac VII --------------- (novax!nowhere!etac7) OR (etac7@nowhere) Alas, It Was Decided That The Cate AI Project Was Too Advanced For The Current USENET Community.

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Yrneh Etac VII
(novax!nowhere!etac7) OR (etac7@nowhere)
Alas, it was decided that the Cate AI Project was too advanced for the
current USENET community. To protect the Xerox(*) Corporation from the
deluge of bounced mail, the Etac IA Project has taken over. We truly
regret the inconvenience the Project may have caused, but such is the
road to progress.

(*) Xerox is a trademark of the Xerox(+) Corporation.

(+) Xerox is a trademark of the Xerox(#) Corporation.

(#) Xerox is ...

From etac0@nowhere) Fri Nov 9 22:21:59 1990
From: etac0@nowhere (Yrneh Etac Illegal instruction (core dumped))
Subject: Funky stuff - part 131

1st Londoner: When's the next train fer 'Ammersmiff?
(When's the next train for Hammersmith?)

2nd Londoner: Due now.

1st Londoner: Wouldn't ask yer if I did!