Get A Life Friend Told Me I Really Had To Get A Life.

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get a life

friend told me I really had to get a life. I thought about that and decided
maybe she was right. So I shopped around. I finally decided on this cute
little import. Very sleek and very fast. It was fun for a while, but one
day, my life started to act up on me..... To save a few bucks, I had decided
to pass on the extended warranty. When I took my life into the shop they
took one look at it and laughed me right out of the place. They told me they
had never seen a life in uch bad shape as mine, and there was nothing they
could do.

So there I was, stuck with a life that was totally screwed
up..... I finally decided I had to get rid of it before they foreclosed. I
asked some friends, and one told me the answer was to get a clue. Aha! So
that was what was wrong. Here I had a life when I should have gotten a clue
instead. So...... Off I went in search of a clue.

I found what seemed to be a promising clue. But what to
do about my life? I placed some classified ads,

"For Sale: One life... A handy mans delight. Just
needs a little T.L.C. (Tender Loving Care). Will sell
cheap to the right person...."

After weeks, a good offer finally came in from some guy
in Butte, Montana. I sold hime my life, wished him all the best luck, and
hurried off to see if the clue was still available..... What luck, it
was.... I quickly placed a deposit on it, and this time signed up for the
extended warranty.

So there I was.... Struting my clue all over town.... I
was just proud as could be..... But once again, in what seemed like no time,
my clue started to give me troubles. Nothing serious at first, but as time
went on, the troubles became more and more costly. I tried taking it into
the shop, confident that my warranty would cover the problem. It was only
then I discovered it was only valid WITH a life..... ARRRGH!!!!!!!!

So, I unloaded my clue, and now I'm right back where I
started from, though a little wiser.... So please people, don't tell me to
get a life and don't tell me to get a clue. I've had both and found their
not all their cracked up to be.....