Signs You're At A Bad McDonald's 10. Your "Quarter Pounder" Has A Long, Thin Tail.

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Signs You're at a Bad McDonald's

10. Your "Quarter Pounder" has a long, thin tail.
9. The kid serving you has grill marks on his forehead.
8. Sign out front reads, "No shirt, no shoes, no reason you can't
get a job here." *
7. Their Mayor McCheese was caught in a hotel room smoking crack.
6. Blocking drive-thru is the bloated body of Wendy's founder
Dave Thomas.
5. Manager takes a bite out of every burger to make sure it's okay..
4. In his photo, employee of the month is holding a mug shot number.
3. You spill vanilla shake and it burns a hole right through
your pants.
2. A guy dressed as Ronald McDonald keeps asking to touch
your food.
1. Their slogan: "Did somebody say 'E Coli'?"