OBJ: This Newfie Goes In To The Psychiatrist And Says, "Doctor, You've Got To Help Me.

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OBJ: This Newfie goes in to the psychiatrist and says, "Doctor,
you've got to help me. All I ever think about is sex. I can't ever
get it off my mind. Sex, sex, sex. Can you help."

"I think I can help," says the shrink, "but first I have to conduct a
preliminary examination. I'm going to say a word, and I want you to
tell me the first thing that comes into your mind. Mother."






The doctor raises his eyebrows and continues, "Mashed potatoes."






Finally he decides to go all out. "Vagina!"


What do you call a North Dakotan with a third grade education?


What do you call a north dakotan with a one way plane ticket to MT?


What do you call a north dakotan who smells like manure and has sex with
his mother?


Why are the chinooks (sp) so strong in montana ?

Because North Dakota Sucks

note: Chinooks are winds that blow from west to east in the winter, and
can warm things up alot.

What is the best thing coming out of North Dakota?

I 94

That's it. Hope all you Montanas enjoyed.
>Do you know what they mean in North Dakota when they say Higher
>When simple addition is taught in a large tractor.
>Ok, it's not funny.

Oh, come on. We can do better than that.

What's the North Dakota state tree?

The telephone pole.

What's the North Dakota state bird?

The mosquito.

The only thing between North Dakota and the North Pole is a barbed-wire
fence. Of course, it blew over in the last blizzard.

If North Dakota were to seceede from the Union, it would be the third
largest nuclear power in the world (Minot AFB, Grand Forks AFB; 300
missles, 35 bombers).

North Dakota: So far from Heaven, so close to Montana.

Why is South Dakota so windy?

because North Dakota blows and Nebraska sucks.