1> Having Just Brought His Son Home From The Eye Doctor's, The Scotsman Said To His Wife, "Now Be Sure To Take Donald's Glasses Off When He's Not Looking At Anything.

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1> Having just brought his son home from the eye doctor's, the Scotsman
said to his wife, "Now be sure to take Donald's glasses off when he's
not looking at anything."

2> A Scotsman goes into the doctor's office carrying a gallon jug
full of urine which he gives as part of his annual physical.

After the examination, the doctor says to him, "Angus, I am happy
to tell you that I found absolutely nothing wrong."

"Really now," Angus, "No sugar? No albumen?"

"No, Angus. Everything was normal," replies the doctor.

"Great!" says Angus. "May I use your phone for a moment?"

"Sure," answers the Doctor.

Angus dials a number and says, "Hello Mary! Good news! Not I,
nor you, nor our son, nor even Uncle Gordie have anything
wrong with us!"