From The World's Best Aussie Jokes] Max Brown, A Young Father-to-be, Was Waiting Anxiously Outside The Maternity Ward Where His Wife Was Producing Their First Baby.

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[From the World's Best Aussie Jokes]

Max Brown, a young father-to-be, was waiting anxiously
outside the maternity ward where his wife was producing their
first baby. As he paced the floor, a nurse popped her head round
the door.

"You've a little boy, Mr. Brown," she said, "But we think
you'd better go and have a cup of coffee because there might be

Max turned a little pale and left. Some time later, he rang
the hospital and was told he was the father of twins.

"But," the nurse went on, "We're sure there's another on the
way. Ring back again in a little while."

At that, Max decided that coffee was not nearly strong enough.
He ordered a few beers and rang the hospital again, only to be told a
3rd baby had arrived and a fourth was imminent.

Whitefaced, he stumbled to the bar and ordered a double
scotch. Twenty minutes later, he tried the phone again, but he was in
such a state that he dialed the wrong number and got the recorded
cricket score.

When they picked him up off the floor of the phone box, the
recording was still going strong: "The score is 96 all out, and the
last one was a duck."