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James C. Armstrong, Jr nyssa@terminus.UUCP

From kean@tank.uchicago.edu Thu Dec 8 10:58:30 1988
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From: kean@tank.uchicago.edu (keane arase)
Subject: Re: Nuke Waterloo?
Summary: Has anyone called LGS for a rebuttal?
Date: 8 Dec 88 16:58:30 GMT
Organization: University of Chicago

In article <18002@agate.BERKELEY.EDU> gsmith@garnet.berkeley.edu (Gene W. Smith) writes:
>In article <2188@unmvax.unm.edu>, mike@turing (Michael I. Bushnell) writes:
> Any ideas on what to do about U. Waterloo's bad net
>citizenship? It seems to me a site which wants to be a
>self-appointed censorship board may be better off the net,
>despite the trouble that would cause to innocent bystanders.
>ucbvax!garnet!gsmith Gene Ward Smith/Brahms Gang/Berkeley CA 94720
>ucbvax!bosco!gsmith Institute of Pi Research

Has anyone called Brad up at LGS for a rebuttal of U. Waterloo's action?

Even though he has no net access, he should be given some sort of path
to comment on U. Waterloo's inappropriate actions.

BTW, I agree with Gene. Something should be done with an *educational*
institution who wants to inhibit free opinion.