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From werner Wed Jul 13 14:06:34 1988
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From: jester@jessica.stanford.edu (Perry Friedman)
Subject: Mathematician/engineer jokes
Keywords: rec.humor, rec_humor_cull, chuckle
Date: 30 Sep 88 03:30:03 GMT
Organization: Stanford University

There are three umpires at a baseball game. One is an engineer, one is
a physicist and one is a mathematician. There is a close play at home
plate and all three umpires call the man out. The manager runs out of the
dugout and asks each umpire why the man was called out.
The physicist says "He's out because I calls 'em as I sees 'em"
The engineer says "He's out because I calls 'em as they are"
And the mathemrtician says "He's out because I called him out"