These 2 Tribes Had Been Fighting On And On For Years And The Losing Tribes's Leader At The End Of The War Would Have To Submit Himself To The Winning Side And Be Killed.

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These 2 tribes had been fighting on and on for years and the losing
tribes's leader at the end of the war would have to submit himself
to the winning side and be killed.

Well, after one particularly bloody battle, the losing sides leader
went to the winners and when he arrived they told him they were
changing the rules around.

Okay, they said, this is what you have to do. They told him first
he had to swim across an alligator infested lake. After that go
into a certain cave where there lay a lion with an abcessed tooth,
and pull that tooth. After that go to the top of a huge castle
where there was a virgin girl and fix that.

After luckily swimming across that lake where half of his clothes
were torn to shreads, he jetted into the cave and after an hour of
roars, screams, hair flying out of the cave, the man walked out and
said, "Ok, now where is that girl with the abcessed tooth?"