The Northrop Corporation Has Taken Legal Action To Prevent A Texas Company From Marketing A New Product Northrop Says Might Be Confused With Its B-2 Stealth Bomber.

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The Northrop Corporation has taken legal action to prevent a
Texas company from marketing a new product Northrop says
might be confused with its B-2 Stealth bomber.

The product: Stealth Condoms.

The slogan? They'll never see you coming.

Stealth condoms come in packages shaped like the bomber.
They are $5 for a package of three; one red, one white,
one blue. Also there's the matter of [the owner's]
voice mail message, "Howdy, this is John. Me and the
rest of the Stealth test pilots are out right now . . ."

[The owner] says he will fight to keep his company and name.
He feels he's got the better product: "We offer a heck of a lot
more protection than the Stealth bomber, at a lot less cost."