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So there was this guy named Mung, right. He was a pretty miserable guy to start out with. Kids at school made fun of him, his mom made fun of him, even his dog wouldn't play with him. But there was some luck. 
One day, he met this girl who he thought was perfect for him. She was made fun of at school, too. because she had a lisp. But when he approached her, she spurned him. This upset him greatly. Even some girl who nobody liked didn't even like him. He was so upset that he decided to go jump off the local bridge. 
As he stood at the edge, thinking about his miserable life, the girl saw him standing there. In a last minute attempt to save a life, she shouted out, "Dun' go, Mung!" (Korean translation:

It was the last straw for poor Mung who plunged into the rive

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