English As A Second Language


There was this Russian guy, this Spanish guy and this Korean guy all in the same ESL class. The teacher told them to make a sentence using the
word 'hostess' for homework.
So the next day the Russian guy goes "Oh I have a good sentence. The hostess was very courteous." And the teacher said "Wow that was really
The Spanish guy goes, "Oh I have a better sentence. My mother is a good hostess when others come over." Then the teacher said, "Wow that was
really good!" 
Finally the Korean guy goes, "I have the best sentence. When my mother 
answers the phone, she says hostess?"

This is a funny joke. The struggles of ESL are real, although they
can be somewhat comical for all languages at times.
Uceda School on February 21, 2011 at 12:41

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