Bart: Hurry Up And Finish Eating! Homer: You're Steering Fine, Boy.

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Bart: Hurry up and finish eating!
Homer: You're steering fine, boy. Hard to the right!
Bart: Oh!
Homer: Hard to the left!
Bart: Oh!
Homer: Cat! Deer! Old man!
Abe: [diving out of the way] Aah!
Homer: Jackknifed sugar truck! [gasps] Sugar?
[skids to halt; Hans Moleman stands outside the truck]
Homer: Don't worry, buddy. Here's a quarter; call for help at the
nearest phone. I'll keep an eye on things here.
Hans: If only this sugar were as sweet as you, sir. [walks off]
Bart: Homer, that was downright decent of you.
Homer: We've hit the jackpot here! White gold, Texas tea! ...
-- Something like that, anyway, "Lisa's Rival"