Hoover: Now, Here's An Oral Extra-credit Question. What Was Christopher Columbus Actually Looking For When He Discovered America?

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Hoover: Now, here's an oral extra-credit question. What was Christopher
Columbus actually looking for when he discovered America?
Lisa: [puts her hand up] Ooh! Ooh!
Hoover: Anyone besides Lisa for a change?
Ralph: [puts his hand up] Ooh! Ah!
Hoover: [nonplussed] Ralph, this better not be about your cat.
Ralph: [puts his hand down] Oh.
Hoover: Oh, all right, Lis --
Alison: Columbus was looking for a passage to India.
Hoover: Correct, Alison! And on your very first day in our class.
Alison: And, during a subsequent voyage, Columbus found what is now the
continent of South America.
Hoover: Yowie...
Lisa: I never made Miss Hoover "yowie"...
-- The grade two appraisal system, "Lisa's Rival"