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[Bart pushes a button; Homer walks in with an armful of
Homer: Hey, the trail of donuts ended -- [gasps] Bart!
Bart: [gasps] Homer!
Burns: [gasps] What a coincidence! And a perfect opportunity to
prove your loyalty. Go ahead, Bartholomew: you may fire when
Bart: [groans]
Burns: him now or I'll disown you. You'll lose
everything: the fabulous toys, the lifetime of wealth and
luxury, the gift certificate from Blockbuster Video -- the
freedom to do whatever you want!
Homer: I'll miss you, son.
Bart: I'm sorry,'re fired!
Burns: What? Fire _me_? That does it: you can _never_ be my son!
Bart: A little to the left.
Burns: Huh? Oh, very well. [moves] You can never be my --
[Bart pulls a lever; Burns falls through a trap door] EEEeee!
Smithers: [jumping in afterwards] Sir, try to land on Leonard's carcass!
-- Cushioning the blow, "Burns' Heir"