Bart: Chapter 8; Let's Talk Zombies. If A Zombie Bites You, You'll Become A Zombie.

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Bart: Chapter 8; Let's talk zombies. If a zombie bites you, you'll
become a zombie. You must walk the earth, feeding on the brains
of the living until the spell is broken.
Lisa: [annoyed] Bart, please. Don't you remember that Snowball 1 died
four years ago tonight? Run over by the Mayor's beer-swilling
brother, Clovis.
Bart: Hey, maybe there's a spell in here that will bring her back from
the dead? [Lisa stares as Bart flips through the pages] Let's see
what we got. How to get your skeletons their whitest.
Selling your soul in a buyers' market. Ahh, here we are: How to
raise the dead. [laughs insanely; lightning flashes add to the
-- "Treehouse of Horror III"