Homer: Hello, Is This President Clinton? Good! I Figured If Anyone Knew Where To Get Some Tang, It'd Be You.

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Homer: Hello, is this President Clinton? Good! I figured if anyone
knew where to get some Tang, it'd be you. ...Shut up!
Assistant: Excuse me --
Homer: Aah!
Assistant: Are you the person that called NASA yesterday?
Homer: No, it wasn't me, I swear! It was...him! [points to Barney]
Scientist: Sir, how would you like to get higher than you've ever been
in your life?
Barney: Be an astronaut? Sure!
Scientist: Well, welcome aboard. I think you'll find this will win you
the respect of your family and friends.
Homer: [gasps] Respect? Nooo! It was me. _I_ made the crank call.
I do it all the time! Check with the FBI: I have a file. I
have a file!
Scientist: Ehh, better take both of them.
[The assistant clubs Barney and Homer, knocking them out]
I don't really think that was necessary; they _wanted_ to be
Assistant: I know.
-- "Deep Space Homer"