Researcher: Why, They're All A Bunch Of Blue-collar Slobs!

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Researcher: Why, they're all a bunch of blue-collar slobs!
Scientist: People, that's who we need for our next astronaut.
Assistant: I suggest a lengthy, inefficient search. At the taxpayers'
expense, of course.
Scientist: I wish there was an easier way.
[Phone rings]
Homer: Hello, is this NASA?
Scientist: Yes?
Homer: Good! Listen: I'm sick of your boring space launches. Now
I'm just an ordinary, blue-collar slob, but I know what I
likes on TV.
Scientist: How did you get this number?
Homer: Shut up! And another thing: how come I can't get no Tang
'round here? And also --
[a toilet flushes]
Scientist: People, our long search is over.
-- At no expense to the taxpayers, yet,
"Deep Space Homer"