Man: Well, Have You Heard Of MTV? Homer: No. Ma

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Man: Well, have you heard of MTV?
Homer: No.
Man: Motown.
Homer: No.
Man: Beat It.
Homer: <You> beat it!
Man: Thriller.
Homer: What was that last one?
Man: Thriller.
Homer: Nope.
Man: Well, how about this...
[sings Billy Jean, complete with wild gyrations, crotch grab,
and moonwalk]
Homer: Wow! How do you do that thing with your feet?
Man: The moonwalk?
Homer: No, that thing with your feet!
Man: Here, look. Just raise your heel a bit, put a little pressure on
the ball of your foot. [demonstrates]
Homer: [tries to imitate, but ends up going forwards] D'oh!
-- "Stark Raving Dad"