Homer: Everything _really_ Wrapped Up Nicely. [checks His Watch] Ooh, Much Quicker Than Usual.

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Homer: Everything _really_ wrapped up nicely. [checks his watch] Ooh,
much quicker than usual.
Marge: I guess we've learned that happiness is wherever you find it.
Homer: And we've _all_ found happiness, every one of us.
[Apu sobs in the background]
Hey, what's that sound?
[outside, they see Apu on the roof]
Apu: [singing folornly] Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart? I do.
Homer: {Hey, he's not happy at all. He lied to us through song. I
_hate_ when people do that!}
-- Damn you, feeble song, "Homer and Apu"