Brockman: ... Means Death For Us All. And Now, "Kent's People!

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Brockman: ... means death for us all. And now, "Kent's People!"
Tonight's inspiring story is about Frank Grimes, a thirty-
five-year-old Springfieldite who has earned everything the
hard way, but never let adversity get him down.

[the footage shifts to grainy footage of Grimes as a boy]

Abandoned by his parents at age four, Frank never got to go
to school.
[we see Frank through the rear window of a car. He recedes
into the distance as the car drives off. A hand waves,
[cut to a still black-and-white photo of young Grimes in a
delivery uniform]
He spent his childhood years as a delivery boy, delivering
toys to more fortunate children.
[another picture, this one of Grimes handing a package to a
boy. A tuxedo-wearing man stands in the doorway]
Then, on his eighteenth birthday, he was blown up in a silo
[cut to a far shot of a Grimed running into a silo, which
goes ka-boom]
[Grimes rests on a hospital bed, in traction and plastered
from head to toe in bandages] During his long recuperation he
taught himself to hear and feel pain again.
[black-and-white shot of Grimes at his desk, surrounded by
As the years passed, he used his few leisure moments each day
to study science by mail. And, last week, Frank Grimes, the
man who had to struggle for everything he ever got, received
his correspondence school diploma in nuclear physics -- with
a minor in determination.
[a postman hands Grimes his diploma. Grimes holds it
triumphantly in the air, where an eagle tries to fly off with
it. Grimes fights him off]
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