Akira: [on Phone] Hai ... Hai ... Hai ... Bye. [hangs Up And Turns To Homer, Bart, Lisa] Hi.

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Akira: [on phone] Hai ... Hai ... Hai ... Bye.
[hangs up and turns to Homer, Bart, Lisa]
Homer: Akira, can you read this for me? [hands Akira the box]
Akira: [reading] Ah, yes. This is a product called, "Mr. Sparkle."
Very popular dish detergent. Hey, [points to box
illustration] he looks like you. Ah! Ah - ha! Ah! Ah!
Lisa: What's he saying?
Akira: He identifies himself as a magnet for foodstuffs. He boasts
that he will banish dirt to the land of wind and ghosts.
Lisa: Wow.
Akira: Yes, you have very lucky dishes, Mr. Simpson. This soap is
from the sacred forests of Hokkaido, renowned for its
countless soap factories.
Homer: [thoughtfully] Hokkaido, eh?
-- Yes, the land of sparkly clean forests,
"In Marge We Trust"