Marge: Then How About Going As Florida? You Enjoy Orange Juice, Old People Like You -- Lisa

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Marge: Then how about going as Florida? You enjoy orange juice, old
people like you --
Lisa: Dad, what do _you_ think?
Homer: Shh! I'm trying to teach the baby to gamble.
Marge: Why?
Homer: I got a job at Burns' casino. As you know, it's been my lifelong
dream to become a blackjack dealer.
Marge: Your lifelong dream was to be a contestant on "The Gong Show",
and you did it in 1977, remember?
[Flashback to Homer and Barney playing a giant harmonica,
wearing a pair of two-man large overalls, getting gonged and
Homer: We got more gongs than the break-dancing robot that caught on
-- Something to be proud of, "$pringfield"