Announcer: Coming Up Next, Our Feature Race: The Nuclear Power Plant Championship.

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Announcer: Coming up next, our feature race: the Nuclear Power Plant
Championship. Plant plant!
Burns: Ah, at last. Smithers, fetch the bi-oculars.
[watches the 2-second race]
Burns: Oh, damnation, tell them to go slower!
Smithers: Yes sir.
[meets the drivers]
Hi guys. Uh, can we keep it in first gear for a couple laps?
[they take off again, at an awfully low speed]
Burns: [excited] Go! Go!
[mean] Slow down.
[the two drivers reluctantly look at each other, but do so]
[after crossing the line, they release their parachutes,
which don't even open]
Burns: Excellent.
-- After all, I paid for this, "Homer the Smithers"