Smithers: Simpson, Simmons: You Two Have Been Chosen To Represent Us At The National Energy Convention.

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Smithers: Simpson, Simmons: you two have been chosen to represent us at
the national energy convention. Congratulations! You'll be
spending two nights together in glamorous Capital City.
Mindy: Wow, Capital City! The Windy Apple!
Smithers: Come on, I'll get you the tickets.
Homer: Oh, this is the worst crisis my marriage has ever faced!
Colonel Klink, why have you forsaken me?
[Klink materializes]
Klink: What is it? You have a question?
Homer: Heh heh. Did you know Kinch had a radio in the coffee pot?
Klink: [suspicious] He did?
-- "The Last Temptation of Homer"