Skinner: Several Days Ago, A Violent Riot Erupted Incited By An Inflammatory T-shirt Slogan.

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Skinner: Several days ago, a violent riot erupted incited by an
inflammatory T-shirt slogan. No, no, now don't try to
remember what that slogan was! To ensure that this frenzied
dance of destruction is never repeated, I have decided
starting Monday, all students will be required to wear
Everyone: [gasps] Uniforms?!
[Bart winces and ducks as paper and a shoe are thrown at him]
[Lunch Lady Doris puts "Spanish Flea" on]
Doris: Say hello to our little genius, Martin, who looks even smarter
in this vest and short-pant combination from Mr. Boy of Main
Or, how about little Lisa Simpson? She'll have no reason to
play the blues in this snappy ensemble topped of with a saucy
French beret that seems to scream, [French accent] "Silence!"
[people throw paper and a shoe at her]
{[a guy walks in the back door with boxes on a trolley]}
Skinner: {All right, pick your size: extra small or extra large. We've
got both. No pushing, now! I've -- what?
[Doris whispers in his ear] Oh. I've just been informed
we've run out of extra large.}
-- Springfield Elementary tries to go Catholic,
"Team Homer"