Bart: Hmm. Maybe If I Stand Next To The Games Looking Sad, Someone Will Feel Sorry For Me And Buy Me One.

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Bart: Hmm. Maybe if I stand next to the games looking sad, someone
will feel sorry for me and buy me one.
[goes inside, puts hand through hole in display case window and
holds a copy of Bonestorm]
[his arm gets crushed by an employee opening the case]
Woman: Gavin, don't you already have this game?
Gavin: No, Mom, you idiot! I have Bloodstorm, and Bone Squad, and
Bloodstorm II, stupid.
Woman: Oh, I'm sorry, honey. We'll take a Bonestorm.
Gavin: Get two. I'm not sharing with Kaitlin!
[employee does so]
Bart: [dreamy] That must be the happiest kid in the world.
-- Bart's keen eye for detail, "Marge Be Not Proud"