Lisa: Hi, I Have A Request. I Would Like You To Do A Tribute To Bleeding Gums Murphy, Please.

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Lisa: Hi, I have a request. I would like you to do a tribute to
Bleeding Gums Murphy, please.
DJ: Aw, I'd love to, little sister, but we don't have his album.
Lisa: What if I could find it?
DJ: Well, I'd spin it for you, but you know, ain't no one going to
hear it. Our broadcast range is only 23 feet which makes us the
most powerful jazz station in the entire US of A.
Lisa: Gee, your station has a lot of problems.
DJ: Tell me about it: just look at our morning guy.
Hans: Hello. This is Moleman in the morning. Good Moleman to you.
Today, part four of our series of the agonizing pain in which I
live every day...
-- He's only 31, "'Round Springfield"