Lisa: Mom's Police Tape Isn't A Toy, Dad. Homer: Shush, Dear.

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Lisa: Mom's police tape isn't a toy, Dad.
Homer: Shush, dear. You'll wreck Daddy's fun.
Ned: [walking up, singing] Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the --
oh my Lord. Something horrible has happened!
Homer: [snickers, then laughs] Fooled you, Flanders! Made you think
your family was dead. [laughs] Don't you get it?
Ned: [strained] Heh. Heh heh...
Homer: They're not, though.
Ned: Oh?
Homer: [laughs] But you thought they were!
Ned: Yeah.
Homer: That's why it was so funny. [laughs]
Ned: Heh heh, that's a good one...
-- Give that man the $100,000,
"The Springfield Connection"