Database: Perhaps Some Night You Could Show Us Your Comet.

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Database: Perhaps some night you could show us your comet.
Bart: [pointing] There it is right there.
Database: I make it a point never to turn my head unless I expect to
see something, Bart. Now truly, we can't see your comet in
broad daylight and without a telescope.
Bart: But you don't _need_ a stupid telescope. It's right
[the kids look and gasp as they see it]
Email: Oh no, no, no, this isn't right at all!
Database: It must be coming toward us at a fantastic speed.
Bart: Huh?
Lisa: Don't you realize what's happening, Bart? Your comet is
going to collide with the Earth and every living thing in
its path will be killed!
Bart: I knew you'd try to find something wrong with my comet,
Lisa. You've always been petty and small, _right_ from the
Report Card: We must alert the proper authorities.
Email: To the observatory!
-- The comet's threat is discovered, "Bart's Comet"