Skinner: It's Coming Pretty Close To The Ground, Maybe I Can Catch It.

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Skinner: It's coming pretty close to the ground, maybe I can catch it.
Don't touch the telescope, Bart. A slight change in elevation
can destroy a whole morning's work. [runs off]
Bart: [looks at telescope, grins, spins it] Woo! Pirates off the
port bow, all hands on deck! [looks through it] Hey...
[pushes "redial" on the phone]
Hello, observatory? This is Bart Simpson. I see something in
the sky at 4-12-8 and the last number is 7.
Skinner: [catching the balloon] Ah, got you, my rumpy doppelganger.
[floats to ground next to Bart] I've got it! I -- what are
you doing? Give me that phone!
Woman: [on phone] Congratulations, Bart. You've just discovered a
Skinner: Nooo!
[lets go of balloon by accident]
[paperman rides by, throws paper in front of him]
[headline: "Prez Sez: school is for losers"]
-- A chapter of accidents, "Bart's Comet"