Ned: [on A TV] Now, In Case All That Smiling Didn't Cheer You Up, There's One Thing That Never Fail

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Ned: [on a TV] Now, in case all that smiling didn't cheer you up,
there's one thing that never fails: a nice glass of warm
milk, a little nap -- and a total frontal lobotomy.
Moe: [slowly] It's not so bad, Homer. They...go in through your
nose and...they let you keep the piece of brain they cut out.
[holds up a jar with a piece of brain in it]
Ooh! Hello! Hello there! Who's that big man there? Who's
Bart+Lisa: [droning] Join us, father.
Marge: [droning] It's bliiiissss...
Homer: Nooo!
-- How to raise Homer's IQ, "Treehouse of Horror V"