But I Find The Old Notions Somehow Appealing. Not That I Want To Go Back To Them -- It Is Outrageous To Have Some Outer Authority Tell You What Is Proper Use And Abuse Of Your Own Facultie

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But I find the old notions somehow appealing. Not that I want to go
back to them -- it is outrageous to have some outer authority tell you
what is proper use and abuse of your own faculties, and it is ludicrous
to hold reason higher than body or feeling. Still there is something
true and profoundly sane about the belief that acts like murder or
theft or assault violate the doer as well as the done to. We might
even, if we thought this way, have less crime. The popular view of
crime, as far as I can deduce it from the movies and television, is
that it is a breaking of a rule by someone who thinks they can get away
with that; implicitly, everyone would like to break the rule, but not
everyone is arrogant enough to imagine they can get away with it. It
therefore becomes very important for the rule upholders to bring such
arrogance down.
-- Marilyn French, "The Woman's Room"