Penn's Aunts Made Great Apple Pies At Low Prices. No One Else In Town Could Compete With The Pie Rates Of Penn's Aunts.

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Penn's aunts made great apple pies at low prices. No one else in
town could compete with the pie rates of Penn's aunts.
During the American Revolution, a Britisher tried to raid a farm. He
stumbled across a rock on the ground and fell, whereupon an agressive Rhode
Island Red hopped on top. Seeing this, the farmer commented, "Chicken catch
a Tory!"
A wife started serving chopped meat, Monday hamburger, Tuesday meat
loaf, Wednesday tartar steak, and Thursday meatballs. On Friday morning her
husband snarled, "How now, ground cow?"
A journalist, thrilled over his dinner, asked the chef for the recipe.
Retorted the chef, "Sorry, we have the same policy as you journalists, we
never reveal our sauce."
A new chef from India was fired a week after starting the job. He
kept favoring curry.
A couple of kids tried using pickles instead of paddles for a Ping-Pong
game. They had the volley of the Dills.