I Did Some Heavy Research So As To Be Prepared For "Mommy, Why Is The Sky Blue?

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I did some heavy research so as to be prepared for "Mommy, why is
the sky blue?"
HE asked me about black holes in space.
(There's a hole *where*?)

I boned up to be ready for, "Why is the grass green?"
HE wanted to discuss nature's food chains.
(Well, let's see, there's ShopRite, Pathmark...)

I talked about Choo-Choo trains.
HE talked internal combustion engines.
(The INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE said, "I think I can, I think I can.")

I was delighted with the video game craze, thinking we could compete
as equals.
HE described the complexities of the microchips required to create
the graphics.

Then puberty struck. Ah, adolescence.
HE said, "Mom, I just don't understand women."
-- Betty LiBrizzi, "The Care and Feeding of a Gifted Child"