The Renewed Shock Had Nearly Made Him Spill His Drink.

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"...The renewed shock had nearly made him spill his drink. He drained it
quickly before anything serious happened to it. He then had another quick
one to follow the first one down and check that it was all right. He then
sent a third drink down to see why the second hadn't yet reported on the
condition of the first. He poured another drink down with the plan that
it would head the previous one off at the pass, join forces with it, and
together they would get the second to pull itself together. Then all three
would go off in search of the first, give it a good talking to.

He felt uncertain as to whether the fourth drink had understood all that so
he sent down a fifth to explain the plan more fully and a sixth for moral
-- Douglas Adams, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"