There Are Several Ways To Beat The Heat Of Summer: 1.

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There are Several Ways to Beat the Heat of Summer:

1. Think Cool. Act Cool. Live in a Cave!
2. Don't listen to any weather programs or read forecasts in the paper.
3. Get a job at the local ice plant, but not in the office, cause things
can heat up there.
4. Phone someone in the far North of Canada.
5. Put your feet in plastic bags filled with ice cubes.
6. Think of how they freeze dry your coffee.
7. Sit on a snow cone.
8. Stick a garden hose in your pants, and remember to turn on the water,
since this will help. (In former times this suggestion applied only to
men, but today it is unisex!)
9. Hum to yourself, something with regard to snow or frosty or Christmas.
10. Drink three to five rum coolers, undiluted. You won't even know it is
warm. (By the way, what does it mean to be "unisex?")