Jargon Coiner (#13) An Irregular Feature That Aims To Give You Advance Warning Of New Jargon That We've Just Made Up.

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Jargon Coiner (#13)

An irregular feature that aims to give you advance warning of new jargon
that we've just made up.

* NINETY-NINERS: In 1849, a horde of people ("Forty-niners") headed to
California to pan gold and get rich quick. In 1999, a horde of people
("Ninety-niners") headed to California to invest in Linux companies and
get rich quick. Some things never change.

* ZOO: The ubiquitous shelf of O'Reilly Animal Books that many nerds keep
next to their computer

* THEY'RE MULTIPLYING LIKE PORTALS: The proliferation of Linux portals
that have the latest headlines from Slashdot and LinuxToday but offer
little original content.

* YOU CAN SPELL EVIL WITHOUT vi: A curse uttered by freshman Computer
Science students struggling with vi's insert mode for the first time.