Jargon Coiner (#1) An Irregular Feature That Aims To Give You Advance Warning Of New Jargon That We've Just Made Up.

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Jargon Coiner (#1)

An irregular feature that aims to give you advance warning of new jargon
that we've just made up.

* WINCURSE: Loud expletive uttered when a Linux user comes face-to-face
with a computer containing a WinModem.

Example: "Eric wincursed when his mother showed him the new computer she
bought from CompUSSR... which contained a WinModem and a WinSoundCard."

* WIND'OH KEY: Nickname given to the three useless Windows keys that come
on virtually all new keyboards. These keys are often hit by mistake
instead of CTRL or ALT, causing the user to shout "D'oh!"

* DE-WIND'OH!ED KEYBOARD: (1) A new keyboard produced without any wind'oh!
keys or a "Enhanced for Windows 95/98" logo. Extremely rare. (2) A
keyboard in which the wind'oh! keys have been physically removed.