Joey: [on Phone] Well, So Anyway Beth, What I'm Saying Is I Should've Considered Your Feelings Before I Went Home With You That Night.

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Joey: [on phone] Well, so anyway Beth, what I'm saying is I should've
considered your feelings before I went home with you that night. I've
ah, I've recently learned what's it like to be on your side of it, and
I'm sorry. So, do you think you can forgive me? [listens] Great. Thanks.
Okay, bye.
[He sits down and crosses out something, and dials the phone again.]
Hello, Jennifer? [listens] Oh hi, Mrs. Loreo, is Jennifer there?
[listens] Oh, she's not home, huh? [listens] Well ah, actually I kinda
need to talk to you too.

Excerpt from the TV Show "Friends"