What Follows Is A "quiz" A Student Of Mine Once Showed Me (which She'd Gotten From A Previous Teacher, Etc.

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What follows is a "quiz" a student of mine once showed me (which she'd
gotten from a previous teacher, etc...). It's multiple choice, and if
you sort the letters (with upper and lower case disjoint) questions
and answers will come out next to each other. Enjoy...

S. What the acorn said when he grew up
N. bisects
u. A dead parrot
g. center
F. What you should do when it rains
R. hypotenuse
m. A geometer who has been to the beach
H. coincide
h. The set of cards is missing
y. polygon
A. The boy has a speech defect
t. secant
K. How they schedule gym class
p. tangent
b. What he did when his mother-in-law wanted to go home
D. ellipse
O. The tall kettle boiling on the stove
W. geometry
r. Why the girl doesn't run a 4-minute mile
j. decagon