Then There Was The Woman Who Bought Herself A Lamborghini, And Though She Wasn't Particularly Religious, She Had Worked Hard For The Car And Wanted It Blessed.

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Then there was the woman who bought herself a Lamborghini, and
though she wasn't particularly religious, she had worked hard
for the car and wanted it blessed. She asked the rabbi next door
to bless it for her, but he said, "A sports car is really a bit
out of my domain. You should ask the priest." So she asked the
priest at St. Christopher's, but he said, "I really wouldn't
know how to bless a sports car. We're really pretty traditional.
Why don't you ask the Unitarian minister?" So, somewhat exasperated,
she hunts down the Unitarian minister, and says, "You must be the
only person in this town who can give me a blessing for my
new Lamborghini!" The minister replied, "A Lamborghini? That's
a fine car! Have to be careful with the suspension though -
it can be rough on turns. Now, what did you want? A blessing?
What's that?"