Propose To The Victim A Co-ordination Test, And Tell Him That It Has Been Taken By The Brightest People Around You (quote Some Scores!

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Propose to the victim a co-ordination test, and tell him that it has been
taken by the brightest people around you (quote some scores!). You sit in
front of the victim and put your palms about twelve inches apart. The victims
task is very simple. With eyes closed, his palms clasped together, he should
cautiously take his palms between your palms, remove them, and repeat the
process. Of course he must not touch your palms otherwise he "looses". Each
cycle counts as one point and "any average person can get 100 points". As I
said, tell him the scores of some other people you know.

Let him paractice a little with his eyes open. Then blindfold him (to avoid
the "natural" temptation of cheating) and say START. After a while leave. it
is a hilarious sight to see a person rock his clasped palms back annd forth
for no obvious reason.

Be sure to invite many of your friends to witness this sight. You will find
that this co-ordination test really sounds sincere, and many innocent people
who listen to you explaining to the chosen victim, actually volunteer to take
the test before the victim. This gives you a choice of victims to choose from.

OK, OK... I insisted on taking this test too and made a fool of myself !!